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My Review of Extending Mascaras

Kim Kardashian.  Eva Longoria. Drew Barrymore. Vanessa Hudgens.  These Hollywood Divas have something many of us want: eyelashes to die for! From the time that I was in 4th grade, sneaking my mom’s makeup, the one product that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was mascara! It has always been my go-to product! I love it. Desert Island savior?  Chap Stick is for the birds.  I need mascara.

 I realized this necessity at a VERY young age, and my journey began: my first love was, of course, the infamous pink and green tube (Great Lash, anyone?), and as I grew, so did my adoration.  Now, my tastes have thankfully matured from my teenage desire for all things sparkly (thanks for the memories early 90’s), and have grown into a simple desire for longer, fuller, and voluminous eyelashes. We all have a never ceasing thirst for the perfect mascara, so I thought my dreams had come true with the new line of mascaras that contain fiber polymers which attach themselves to your eyelashes to create longer, fuller lashes.

HOW TO: To wear these mascaras, you first apply the fiber polymer, which looks like a white mascara, to your eyelashes. As a mascara junkie, I apply more than one coat of it, from root to end, to build out my lashes.  After the fiber coating has completely dried, taking special care to make sure it has not clumped, apply the mascara to the bottom and top of your lashes, covering the fiber polymer, or the white, completely.

The three most popular “Extending Mascaras” are comparable in appearance, but not in wear, tear and removal! Maybelline XXL Pro: Extension is similar to regular mascara, in the way it smears, flakes, and leaves pretty raccoon circles under your eyes. The brush is efficient at clumping the fiber polymer to your lashes so you do a brilliant job in honoring the late, great Tammy Faye Baker. The mascara itself, when applied without the polymer, leaves a lot to be desired. My opinion? This is a no go ladies. 

The other two most popular mascara choices, I loved equally, for different reasons. Revlon Lash Fantasy: Total Definition has the newly designed rubber brush, so your lashes are separated and coated efficiently.  To remove the product, you simply wash with soap and water. 

The most surprising mascara was the L’Oreal Double Extend: Beauty Tubes Mascara.  The first time I washed my face with this product on, what came off in my hands looked like mini spider legs. (Gross. I know.) After some research, I learned that the fiber polymer in this mascara is mixed with a wax, which softens in warm water. Because the fiber polymer has a more complex bonding system, the bonds stay quite strong, and thus when washing your face, the wax softens and the mascara “slips” off your eyelashes in literal miniature tubes. No soap or eye makeup remover needed.

These mascaras definitely go in my top 10 for amazing makeup finds.  In my quest for Kim Kardashian’s lashes, this product is my new go to mascara for everyday use! With eyelash extensions being $200-$250 an application, the less than $10.00 price tag on these mascaras makes them well worth it.  My lashes have never looked better, but I will still bow down to the queen of PERFECT lashes (Ms. Kardashian), and let her have her throne. As for me, I am now happy with what I have…with a little fiber polymer help.

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