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“I want the skin of a 15 year old teenage boy!” – said no one, ever.

I must give credit where credit is due.
I stole this picture from Aveda, because
I have been trained by the Aveda Institute.
What a better company that to take a
beautiful skin care picture!

I always felt that I was blessed when it came to lack of skin issues. I went through all of High School without anything more than a mild break out… once a month. No scaring, no serious issues, no visits to the dermatologist. I was lucky.

Then enters the late 20’s. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! All of the sudden I am walking around with the face of a 15 year old boy, and praying that I don’t look like a total jerk while shopping in sunglasses. I freaked out. Anybody with me? I didn’t know how to handle a break out on my own face, even though I’d been giving advice about it for years! I knew how to educate YOU if your skin was breaking out, but there is a whole new level of humility that comes around when you go through it yourself. While I am not an esthetician, and am in NO WAY qualified to create a treatment plan for skin that needs help, I WAS lightly trained in skin care, and the basic needs. Plus, lets face it… anything we are passionate about, we research, and once my face started going haywire, I hit the books, blogs, and q and a’d with professionals, so I could truly understand what was going on! However, I have always felt that experience is the best education.

Recently I was emailed by one of my closest friends, who was in the same situation, and freaking out just as much! She wrote me quotes such as “my face has started breaking out like no other, and nothing is helping clear it up..”  and “it makes me feel so ugly…”

Do I ever understand. Its true, and so heart breaking that a change in our skin can truly affect us so devastatingly. I understood, because I, too, could say my breakouts made me feel ugly! So I thought- this is a great opportunity for my readers! I wanted to include my advice in a blog, because I have recently made some changes in my own skin care and they have worked!

1. Don’t touch your face with your hands, ever. (apparently… this made her laugh.)

2. Switch out your pillow case often. I think once a week is sufficient.

3. Never work-out with makeup on. If you can, wash your face prior to your work-out. Also, wash your face immediately after working out while your face is still warm and your pores are still open. Last- while you are working out, never wipe your sweat with your hand. Use a clean towel, or your shirt if you must.

4. Drink a lot of water, and don’t just say “I do,”- truly monitor it. When I did, I was completely surprised that I wasn’t taking in as much as I thought I was.

5. When you are drying your face, use a clean towel, or one that you use ONLY for your face.

6. When washing your face, wash your hands first!

7. Last- use a line. Face wash + moisturizer, or face wash + toner + moisturizer. Whatever you can faithfully do every morning and every night. I am busy busy busy, so that extra step of toner, is not something I am going to do, although I know the benefits of it (balancing the ph in your skin, removing excess cleanser), it may be something I do eventually, but right now, if I can faithfully wash and moisturize my face, I’m good.

I hope this helps. In a week, after my friend has tried the skin care line I am using, and I get her results, I’m going to blog about what it is that has truly changed my skin… and get this, it was $10. I know you are stoked.

Please remember this- our skin, our makeup, and our hair are fabulous decorations, but they are not WHO we are. I am not devaluing what they are, because they have been my passion, my career, and ultimately a huge portion of my life, but they are things that change and age. I was taken back by my friends comment that it made her feel ugly, because I realized…. my skin made me feel the same way, and I never realized it. Chances are… no one else is seeing your break outs, but they are HUGE to you (mine are to me), because we obsess and look at them, and we are convinced that is all someone sees. Believe me. They don’t. And sweet friend… you are beautiful inside AND out, and remember that.

Have a beautiful day!

UPDATE: 2015:: I am in the process of editing things, and I am leaving this post up because it has good advice, however, if you have not read my post on NeriumAD:: click here. It isn’t the perfect skincare for everyone, but it is right for a lot of people, and was my answer to years of frustrating skin issues.


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