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Q & A with Date Night Magazine

I love to read the advice columns in magazines. However, annoyingly, every magazine offers conflicting advice about what to do with your makeup and hair. It’s confusing for anyone except stylists and make-up artists. I am the first one to say that my opinion is exactly that, an opinion based on my experience in the industry. With that said, I asked for your questions, and you sent them! I hope you find this Q & A helpful.

1. Are there makeup products that I should invest more money on?

Yes. I love that less expensive brands give high dollar brands a good run for their money. However, I always spend more money on my foundation. Skin is porous so it will absorb what you put on it. Less expensive foundations contain a lot of fillers: chemicals that your body can’t digest properly, so it is more likely that your skin will break out and age quicker. My favorite is Aveda.

2. How can I figure out my face shape?

Stand in front of a mirror with a dry erase marker, pull your hair back into a pony tail, and trace the shape of your face on the mirror. Google image: face shapes, and compare! A majority of people think they have a round face, when they normally do not. Don’t be misled because you think there is fullness near your cheek bones.

3. I love the look of lip-gloss, but it disappears too quickly! How can I make it last?

First, find a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color. Apply the pencil to your lips, and use your finger to smooth and blend it. Because lips are very porous, this will provide the barrier you need, apply the gloss on top of the liner. My favorite gloss is NYC’s Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss.

4. I’m tired of always wearing black or brown eye liner. Can I wear one with color?

Yes! I love a color liner right now. There are some great choices out there, but stay away from anything metallic. I love colors that complement your eye color. For example, I use a lot of plums, because I have brown eyes, but recently for a photo shoot I used turquoise on a green eye. Please do not pair color mascara with color eye liner, unless you’re attending an 80’s party.

5. My eye shadow always fades half-way through the day! How can I make it last?

One word: primer. I like NYC’s Individual Eyes Custom Compact, which comes with the primer in it. Wash your eyes with a mild soap (I prefer glycerin) or at least use an oil absorbing sheet to remove the oil from your eyelids. This helps the primer adhere to your eye lid. Cover any place you want to apply eye shadow to. I also apply some below my bottom lashes, and pull the color under my lashes too! This helps your eyes appear larger.

6. My lashes are short and stubby! How do I make them look longer?

First, make sure your eye liner isn’t applied too thick. This way your eyelashes can be viewed from the base, which gives the appearance of length. Next, curl your top lashes with an eye lash curler, gently. Do not squeeze too hard, so you don’t break your lashes, or pull them out. My favorite find has been L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. It has a white primer, which you apply first, and after it dries, apply the mascara. The primer extends your lashes. You can layer it as long as you want, before the mascara is applied.

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