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What Every Stylist Wishes Their Clients Would Understand

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend via Facebook, and her literal quote was “Pinterest lies!…”  She went on to explain to me how she found this great idea on Pinterest, and after she tried it, it completely failed. I am sure many of you (as I have) seen that pretty phenomenal website I die laughing. Seriously. I can see myself in so many of these situations with these women as they try out different Pins. I have images of skillfully creating one of those great dresses out of an oversized t-shirt, just to realize I have managed to sew my arm to it, or put my head through the sleeve. Something random, inevitably.

The internet has created this kind of amazing haven for those of us who want to put out information, seek information, self-diagnose, find the perfect makeup, and cure cancer all at the same time. (Note to my readers: stay off webmd…. inevitably, you have EVERYTHING.)  With that said, comes a lot of JUNK. So much junk that it is overwhelming! This blog was created many years before there was such a thing as “blog.” Those years when I flipped through all the various Teenage appropriate magazines, trying to find the perfect makeup, hair, be the perfect person. It was confusing in the time when there were a good 4-5 magazines competing for the ‘best teen magazine’ and within those magazines there were advice column after advice column. Great confidence booster for all those awkward teenage years when told ‘Blondes have more fun!” or “Brunettes are better!” BLAH. That is what I can say about that. However, NOW we have a plethora of advice from every Jane, Dick and Harry. (wait… did I just date myself? oh well…)  And everything on the internet is truth, right? Case in point:

Seems legit, right? I mean… Abe Lincoln said it. Has to be….

Or better yet, this GEM of a video:

This is hilarious and sort of tragic at the same time. I mean… come one. Why would you POST the video of yourself being completely ridiculous? Well… she did end up on the Ellen show, so I guess there is that….

ANYWAY…. There is a ton of crap out there guys. Not every Pin on Pinterest is legit, and a majority of the beauty pins that I have pinned on there, I go back and research and am horrified at the advice. The point is- ANYONE  (even Abe Lincoln) can post a tutorial on how to do your hair. ANYONE can post a review of makeup. The sad truth behind this, is more and more incorrect information is being spread by people who DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT EITHER. There are those of us out there who have done the work. We have gone to school (and FYI- going to hair school does not mean you know a THING. You must be trained beyond that.), we have the experience and we give advice based on an education that supports our experience. You can find a great tutorial on how to curl your hair from this lovely lady above…. and you can burn your hair off, or you can seek an expert in their field who actually knows what they are doing, and can give you LEGIT advice based on that.

I’m not taking advice from someone who read a book, or an advice article, and regurgitates information that they believe or hope to be correct. I mean, seriously… in a world where they sell THIS:

I think it is time for us to be a bit pickier about where we seek advice, and what we are reading. Yes, people on Pinterest lie. Many people put things out there that they don’t know a thing about. People who have never professionally done hair have a ton of advice on hair. People who have never professionally done makeup have a ton of advice on makeup. FYI- it’s not all true, so please, stop believing everything you read. Take it from Abe.


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