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Softest Skin EVER.

ImageWe all have these ‘things; ‘ that irritate us: our ‘pet peeves.’ Growing up, one of my mother’s pet peeves was chipped polish. She was always telling me to take my polish off, or repaint it because it looked bad, and in true teenage fashion, I’d let it stay chipped for a little longer; Not in spite of her, but because I was a teenager and there were apparently other things I needed to do.

Once I began doing hair full time, it became apparent that I would never again have nice nails. I refused to wear gloves most the time, and even when I did, my hands would inevitably become stained with hair color. This made my nails weak, and they would break, so it became a habit to keep short nails, but MY pet peeve was hands. My nails would be short, and my hands may have color stains, but they would be SOFT. Part of the ‘salon experience,’ where I found my home was this really fabulous pampering of hand massages while you sat and waited for your color to process. Some people absolutely hated doing it, but I loved it. I loved sitting with my clients and taking care of them in this way. I was always surprised by how much stress and tension people seemed to hold in something as small as their hands. This makes you pay attention to the little details like fingernails, or how soft someone’s hands were or weren’t. It never made me judge them- but be hyper aware of whether my hands were soft enough to give them a hand massage- and I always made a point to keep them exfoliated with a scrub. Well- I have made a discovery. As a hobby, I have taken up gardening. I have this picture in my mind of this flourishing garden providing enough food for my family and then some, of amazing organic vegetables. Talk about wreaking havoc on your hands and nails. I am well aware that they make those little gardening gloves.. but of course, if I don’t use gloves most of the time to color people’s hair, I’m not going to spend $4 on some gardening gloves either, and THIS is how I made my amazing discovery! To add to my compost, and to keep stray cats away, my awesome client, who has worked with animals (Hi Melanie!) gave me this tip to pour my coffee grounds where ever I don’t want them near. Well… I use a Keurig, so… I doubted those little k-cups were going to do a lot of good. Thankfully, Starbucks, in being a more ‘green’ company does this awesome thing where you can either stop by a store and pick up these silver packages of used coffee grounds, OR, call ahead and they will save them for you! So- I hauled out two giant trash bags of coffee grounds- mind you, with a slew of people looking at me like I was a crazy person- and I was off to try out this tip! I spent a good hour spreading, and mixing, before it was dark and I was in desperate need of a shower to wash the Georgia red clay, and coffee grounds off of me. Later that night I realized my hands were this ridiculous level of soft that I had never experienced. I kept trying to figure out why… and then it occurred to me… COFFEE GROUNDS. They exfoliated my hands.  I got online to do some research, and that is when I discovered all of these awesome benefits (besides coffee tasting AMAZING). A study by Seoul National University discovered that caffeine- when applied directly to the skin- can reduce inflammation and redness as well as aspirin, and the University of Tennessee discovered that adding caffeine to facial creams greatly increased their effectiveness. The best yet…. Get ready… the University of Sao Paulo discovered that when applied to areas of CELLULITE- skin cream containing caffeine reduced fat cells by 17%. That is kind of amazing. This is all in cases of it being applied to the skin, as opposed to drinking. We all know the down falls of drinking too much coffee. My hands were AMAZING for a good 2-3 days. That is awesome. So…. I, who am the queen of sensitive skin, am going to try something. Honey, as we all know, has awesome antibacterial qualities. Olive oil, which I have already sung the praises of is a great moisturizer that is inexpensive, and natural- no chemicals… and coffee grounds can reduce redness, puffiness, and exfoliate? Lets mix them together. There is a pin on Pinterest that did something like this, but when I went back to read the blog- her information as to WHY it worked was incorrect, so I’m not going to direct you there, but simply tell you to give it a try. I am going to, and I will update you guys! Please.. as always, use common sense. If you try this and something begins to feel uncomfortable, take it off IMMEDIATELY. I am not a doctor, I cannot give you expert advice- Always use caution when trying something new.

Have a beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “Softest Skin EVER.

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am going to try this…so I should mix honey, coffee grounds, and olive oil together and then exfoliate my hands, arms, and legs??

  2. I have lots of coffee grounds and lots of cellulite so I,m so going to try this!


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