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Lets Instagram it up.

Is it just me (I know it isn’t)- but doesn’t Instagram make life so much more fun without the drama of Facebook? I get to see snapshots of what people are doing without the status updates of ‘Oh no you didn’t!!” or ” I love it how people think….” … Please. There is a place and it is most certainly not Facebook. (Although.. I suppose people could argue that point too.)

Within the last month I have received LOADS of questions such as ‘Hey! How did you do THIS with your hair in that one picture?” Or ” I have a new job, and I need hair ideas!” Or “Did you ever actually use the coffee grounds on your body, or did you just SAY you did?”

This is where my little Cayla Does Hair Instagram spawn came from. I have realized after taking this little dive into social media that people really DO seem to care about the little things. So, on my instagram feed you can see pictures like this:

YES! I did really use the coffee grounds on my face. Here’s the proof.

…. or pictures like this:

Image With little tidbits about how to extend your hair between shampoos and where I got that pretty amazing headband (JcPenny’s!)

So… because sometimes there is just NOT the time to sit here and write up a blog, I like to post pictures with tips on your hair, or a makeup item I found that I love, or even my drink obsession (Yes… sadly, coffee is my choice.) I also post pictures of my work: photo shoots, weddings, whatever!

So folks, lets Instagram it up. Follow me :

Or look me up in Instagram under ‘Cayladoeshair.’

As always- questions? E-mail me, comment here or NOW comment on instagram!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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