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Summer + Lip Color + GIVE AWAY!

I love summer.

I love the idea of bronzy skin, and bright pops of color, and my summer shows coming on. I hate to admit it.. because it is a bit of a silly show, but I am slightly in LOVE with a show called ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ For those of you who haven’t seen it, the just of it is that there are two women: 1 gorgeous, shallow model, and 1 plus sized, very intelligent lawyer. They both die at the same time, but the model pushes the ‘return’ button in Heaven (a BIG no no) and ends up in the lawyer’s body. She also acquires all of the lawyer’s intellect, but she still has the personality of the model. It’s a silly show, but it gets to the heart sometimes. I attribute it to the likes of Legally Blonde at times, and that truly is a go to movie for me if I just need something to make me smile.

One episode, the main character’s best friend Stacy was donning this bright pink lipstick. I have never been one to really like color on my lips, but maybe it has to do with the fact that I am getting older, or that I have finally achieved that confidence of not caring what people think about what I wear, but I have started to become a lip color junkie!

This summer, I am completely obsessed with bright pink. I know this MIGHT conjure images of that sweet old lady in the grocery store who drew her lips up to her nose, couldn’t keep her lipstick off her teeth, but you couldn’t help but adore because she confidently wore that hot pink color (true story.) However, I was AMAZED at the array of makeup lines who are right in line with me! You can stroll through any drug store, or Target, and see that each line mimic’s eachother, you just have to find one that you like.

My absolute FAVORITE pink lip color is by Almay.


If you follow my Instagram, I put a picture up with a teaser earlier today. It is called ‘Pink Pout’ and the nice thing about this line is that it is called Color + Care- which means you get gloss, color, and a lip balm all in one. It’s a win win.

Layer it lightly for a day time look, heavier for a more dramatic look, or over a lip liner for a going out on the town (or dinner!) look. It’s a great summer color, and gives you just enough color to feel put together.

SO…… as a bonus, because today I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with WordPress, I am going to have a give away! How can you win this color?

1. Follow my blog.

2. 1 week from today I will announce (via random drawing) who the winner is! The names will be drawn directly from my followers, so if you don’t know how to follow me, click on the ‘blog’ link above!

Happy Summer!!!


2 thoughts on “Summer + Lip Color + GIVE AWAY!

    • Michelle, I am updating my site, and have JUST realized that I completely missed your comment OVER A YEAR AGO. Don’t hate me. 🙂 Have you tried any of these yet? Still completely in love with them!

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