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Tuesday Fashion Love : Earrings

When it comes to fashion, makeup, getting READY for the day… I have a “less is more” motto. I think less time on makeup tends to look prettier, less thinking things through tends to come together better. I opt for a classic bun, rather than overly styled hair; a simple cat eye rather than a heavy detailed eye shadow look. It also makes life so much easier. 

Being in the salon industry for so many years means that a good amount of my wardrobe was black: classic industry standard. Over those years I learned that the best way to get color into my wardrobe and feel like a human was to incorporate it through earrings, scarves, and shoes.

Over the past 10 years, my earring collection has grown into something that I truly love. It is my go to fashion piece in every occasion. A good pair of earrings can make your entire outfit. So, for a little Tuesday happiness I thought I’d share a picture of part my collection:


 I LOVE to display them as a piece of art in my room. I refinished an old tacky gold frame and added a window screen to it so I could see what all I have!

I am not an earring snob. I will look ANYWHERE. My favorite earrings tend to come from a little boutique in Charleston, South Caroline (my heart…). However, I am a HUGE frequenter of Target, Forever 21, World Market, H&M… etc.

A little tip- these aren’t quality, obviously. They are fashion pieces, and because I have sensitive ears (as most of us do) I paint the posts in clear nail polish to prevent a reaction to the cheap metal.

So there is my little Tuesday Fashion love! Hope you have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Fashion Love : Earrings

    • Thanks Sarmistha! I actually went right over to your blog and completely FELL. IN. LOVE. ADORABLE! Awesome fashion, great photos, and you are an absolute doll! Love it. Thanks for checking me out!

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