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Blast from the Past

Once upon a time I was a kid growing up in the Midwest and I made a little group of friends that became my core group through school. We all wandered here and there, had different interests, but I think that initial connection always stays with you. One day I moved to Georgia, and as I grew up, and so did they, we lost touch.

Then enters Facebook. This fantastic and terrible thing. Ha. So, imagine my surprise when someone from that core group contacted me on Facebook after 10 and some odd years!
The best part? She, too, has a blog about all things Mommy, and the humor that comes with Mommy-hood.

When she asked me to write a guest post on fashion, I was so excited. What tips could I share? Quick ways to do your hair? Fast makeup fixes? However, as I sat down to write, something else entirely poured out of me. As a mother myself, I never write about motherhood, but as I began to type the words for her post, it became important to me to lay down some very important beliefs I had about taking care of ourselves AS mothers. Huge shout out to Sarah and her fantastic blog full of funny stories about her little guy, and her many home/child adventures.


Here is my post on Sarah’s blog Dear Young Mother.

Stop on in, and check out the rest of her posts, and as always, show her some love. 🙂

Have a beautiful day.

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