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Let’s Instagram it up Part 2

I am sort of terrible about managing tutorials. I take my pictures, and then forget where I have saved them, fully intend on loading them to my blog, writing up a tutorial about how to do a hairstyle, etc., and then this thing happens where…. I just NEVER. DO. IT.

Then, I came up with the PERFECT solution.


I have posted about Instagram before here. However, it has become this fantastic way for me to take a picture of something and quickly post a 1,2,3 tutorial right there on Instagram! So.. in light of my never ending busy life, and fully embracing that I am a HUGE  bit of a procrastinator, I am utilizing Instagram to it’s FULLEST extent.

For Example, today I posted this picture :


And then I included a 4 step way to achieve this look.

Easy enough, right? RIGHT.

So, my point? Follow me on Instagram if you want to see makeup and hair tutorials. Sure I am still posting reviews on here of makeup lines, fashion trends, things I love, tips I have found, etc., but I update Instagram aLOT, so you will get a more of a variety of easy tutorials. The plus? You can comment on a picture or ask a question, and get an answer in the same day (most of the time!) Want to know where I got a headband? What my color is? How I achieved my eyeshadow? ASK! It’s that easy. SOOO… if you have a smart phone, look me up under “Cayladoeshair” – if you don’t, click the Instagram link above to see my pictures. You might just see a picture of YOU on my feed. 🙂 (Hi Millie!)

So folks, let’s Instagram it up, and follow me. Now. Ok. Go. 🙂

Have a beautiful day.

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