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High Definition Powders : A review of ELF

Am I alive?! Its been almost 3 months since my last post. I’m sorry guys!! Excuses to follow:

1. Toddler wreaking havoc on my home. I spend most of my time counting ” 1…2…!!!! (please don’t make me get to 3…) 

2. I had to cut off my wedding season. I seriously ended it a month early because I was EXHAUSTED! I love my brides, but took on almost double the amount of weddings this year, and hired a contract makeup artist to work with me. It was a fantastic and BUSY year!

3. I needed to take a little vacation from all things! So I disappeared.

Forgiven? 🙂

So… this is going to be quick, but I wanted to tell you about my newest, most FAVORITE product I am using right now. I am obsessed. Seriously. I read a few reviews of it. Looked at it at the store a few times, and finally decided to try it.


Elf Studio High Definition Powder

First let me tell you what this product is NOT. It is not sold as a setting powder. This means that after you apply your foundation to your face, this powder is not what you use next. You need to use your normal setting powder in order to hold your foundation in place.

What this product IS: a fantastic powder that’s purpose is to blend or soften. What this means is that for skin like mine- larger pores- this product almost ‘softens’ the appearance of my pores. This makes it the PERFECT powder to use before taking pictures. It is comparable to high end powders boasting the same effect (believe me, I have TRIED the high end powders) but the price point can’t be beat: $6.00. Crazy… I know.

So, apply your foundation, then your powder, then this powder. I will then sometimes apply a blush or bronzer on top of it and use this again to blend all the lines. I love it.

Let me know if you try it and how you like it! Thanks for still loving me after my mini-hiatus!

Happy Holidays!!


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