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Meet Marie Bertrand, Microbiologist.

Cayla Does Hair: the blog, has evolved over this past year- perhaps evolved, as I have evolved. My intent, as I have said before, was to start a blog to host my articles for a magazine I was writing for. Eventually, I found that I had more to say. I filled it with reviews of inexpensive makeup, because there is a LOT of confusion out there and I was so tired of my clients coming to me with the same questions, and same confusion. They had gone to Department store x, and talked with a lady there and she said “xyz.” Then would ensue my irritation with that person, and an explanation that most of those people have ABSOLUTELY no background in hair and makeup, or if they do- they have not received an education in it! They do not hold a license. That matters. It matters if you were formally trained. It matters if you have the education to back what you say.

My best friend is brilliant. She- and I am so very proud to say- graduated with her Doctorate this fall, and now she is working with a very large company in Boston and doing research for them. (YAY BETH! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!) But- that being said, she isn’t about to tell YOU how to do your hair and makeup. She is an expert in her field- but her field is not hair and makeup. I am not going to walk up to her job, and bs my way through some research- because I DON’T KNOW A THING about it. I know some big words she has used when explaining to me, and I know, in a VERY general sense, what she does- but that is it. There is a reason she won’t tell you how to contour your face, and I will not run statistical data in some fancy program. There is a reason that lady in the Department store told you that a certain product was EXACTLY what you needed- they are an expert in their field, or are learning to be:: SALES.

This is why my blog began. To correct misinformation, as I see it, and to share my input into this world- and so I have. That being said, I am not a doctor. I cannot make medical claims, and I do not have a science background to be able to scientifically tell you why something happens with your skin. I have shared my struggles with my skin, and my solutions- which all worked for a very short amount of time. Then, as I have shared, earlier this spring, I made a decision I thought I’d never make. I became one of “those” people. Against everything I’d ever thought- I made the choice to be a brand parter with Nerium. I did so because of my personal experience with the product, and I saw a solution to so many problems with skin in this. I was very timid about the product, I was very timid about sharing. I took the box they sent with my kit and I stuck it in a closet, for TWO MONTHS. One day, someone shared a video, and that video changed my thoughts and ultimately my journey with this company.

Marie Bertrand is a microbiologist, who practices skin science- science dealing with the molecular and cellular understanding of skin functions and skin diseases and how it relates to skin health, skin care products, and active ingredients.


She owns Skin Science, in Calgary, a scientific clinic that is not a spa or a dermatology office. Marie Bertrand deals with skin at a cellular level and tracks the progress of the client’s journey through using technologically advanced equipment. In her words: “Understanding where a problem comes from enables you to scientifically find customized solutions for a patient. Because everybody is different, and has a different DNA profile, the possibilities are endless when it comes to solutions. The fact that we track skin improvement over time via a computer-based analysis system also makes us unique and accountable for results.”

Marie Bertrand was the woman speaking in the shared video that I watched. You don’t have to watch the entire video, but please, watch at least the first 2 minutes.

She talks about her life, 2 months after the September 11th attacks, and what she said hit me like a ton of bricks.  I understood that place. I understood what she was saying:

“I looked in the mirror, and I didn’t recognize myself. I was looking behind those big brown eyes, and there was a young woman who was extremely unhappy; unhappy with her life-type A personality. You are going to “do, do, go, go, go,” -you do everything, and even though you don’t like it, you do it with excellence, cause you are type A personality. I looked at myself, and I remember thinking ‘If I die tomorrow- I am going to die unhappy, and that’s not what I want for my life.’ ”


I had found this company or more so, this company had found me- that was in my field, but it wasn’t just another company, it is a company that focuses on personal development to make you a better person, that doesn’t force you to stock pile product to sell, but sends you FREE product to keep you replenished, it was a company that gave more to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, in our 3rd year, than Nike- a 63 year old company. It had achievable, tangible incentives, and it focused on the person- not “sell sell sell.”  It was at that point that I decided I was all in. I was going to follow their simple system- of reading 10-15 pages of a good book a day, sharing a product that genuinely works with clinical research, and actual data- done by a computer- not a person who could be opinionated, or swayed. Nerium had cold, hard data PROVING it works, and most of all- it fell in line with my integrity, my business practices. It is a legitimately all natural product with real results. After watching that video, I knew that I wasn’t going to let myself fall into that place again ever again.  I would never continue doing something, if it didn’t edify my heart, and didn’t give back to people, because that is why I started this industry so long ago.

One day, I thought- I’m going to message Marie, she is very well known, a “celebrity,” if you will- in her area of expertise, and certainly in Nerium, I know she won’t write me back, but I wanted to tell her how much what she had to say affected.

Guess what… SHE WROTE BACK. I couldn’t believe it. Over the course of the last 2 months, I have been writing her, and she has written me back! Through our conversations, she has answered questions about skin, about products, and I have been so inspired, that once things slow down a little- I am making an appointment with her, via Skype! Marie is a wealth of information because she is an EXPERT. You know what the absolutely amazing thing is? She has given me permission to share her tips and SCIENTIFIC information with you! That’s right- a SCIENTIST has given me the right to share her SCIENTIFIC information about YOUR skin.

Tell you are as excited as I am. 🙂

So- to come, my next post is going to be about skin that breaks out, and why your makeup is causing it! However, it isn’t MY information- it’s Marie’s!! So excited.

Also- do you want to know what all of those claims in commercials mean when they say “all natural,” or “3 out of 4 experts agree,” or even ” 90% of people said they saw a difference” – watch the entire video that I posted from Marie Bertrand. She explains exactly what it means- and she should know!

Have a beautiful day!

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