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A year in Review: 2014

2015 is almost here! How did this happen so quickly?

As with most people, a near year feels like a new beginning. A reset. We can all do that at any point in the year, but perhaps its the finality of no longer writing “2014” on things that makes us feel like we can accomplish anything, direct change in our lives that we have wanted, or make some decisions for the better.

I have always been one for New Year’s Resolutions. I like this idea of goals. I love the idea of writing things down, and having something tangible to work toward… at least for a month. 😉

However, this year is setting itself up for big change for Cayla Does Hair! Ideas start as these little seeds in your heart, that grow over time. Over the course of my crazy 2014 year, I began to see a need for change in my business. I wasn’t sure how, or in what way to implement, but the little change of writing a 5, rather than a 4 seems as good of a time as any.

I started this journey a long time ago- I started devouring books by the best makeup artists, at the age of 13. I began doing makeovers on my friends. I became the girl who was “good with hair and makeup,” in school. Eventually, I taught myself how to do color- albeit, not professionally (believe me, my friends from high school can testify to this.) But I always did so with a determination and clarity of who I was and where I was going. I even went to school to back up my life into doing hair and makeup. I started a 4 year degree, graduated Summa Cum Laude with an associates degree, and moved on to a larger college when I realized all the business knowledge I needed (at that point) was achieved. I had no desire to go into Business School. I had no desire to continue learning business statistics (gag). So I left and chose one of the best schools- The Aveda Institute. The first day of cosmetology school was this magical moment. I took all my books home and became ‘that girl.’ The one prepared before class- who does more than is required- because I LOVED it. It was in my bones from a young age, and has never left. There has never been a question of what I was supposed to do with my life. I may have detoured here and there, because of my artistic nature, but I am always ‘that girl’ who desires to create beauty in every part of my life.

I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to meet the owner of the salon I was a part of for 5 years, while I was in school. She followed up with me about getting in touch with her, and the rest is history. I owe my strong foundation in hair to the direction that was given to me from that salon. There was a strong focus on education, professionalism, and care that has always stuck with me. Beautiful things grew in my soul in that time. I had amazing opportunities to truly be trained by the best there are. I attended classes by some of the best stylists out there, and continued that education after I left the salon. Leaving was simultaneously one of the most difficult and easiest decisions I ever made. I loved my home there. However, I wanted to stay home and take care of my son.


My heart.

“All decisions I have made and continue to make take him into account. They always will, because no amount of work will ever measure up to the time I get to spend with him.”

He is my why. He is my everything. I don’t write a lot about him on this blog, but He is why I stay home, and why I went into business. My love for this sweet little curly headed boy knows no bounds, and He is why leaving the salon was easy. All decisions I have made and continue to make take him into account. They always will, because no amount of work will ever measure up to the time I get to spend with him. There is truly no value that can be assigned to being the one that raises him, teaches him, reads him his books before nap time, negotiates how many kisses he gets before he has to lay down (He insists on one hundred. We normally settle on twenty.)  He is my heart.

As I have been full time mommy- which has left me more exhausted than standing for 10 hours a day in the salon- I have continued my education in hair and makeup, because ultimately, that is mine. My love for it started young (as you know), and it continues. How lucky am I to have a little boy with such awesome curly hair?!  I have had the opportunity to go to hair shows, and attend classes by truly some of the most amazing people. I love it, because as I have slowly and steadily built Cayla Does Hair, I get to continue to bring the things that I learn to my clients.

2014 was a whirlwind of busy-ness. I had a crazy wedding season (with more than a few crazy bridesmaids!), I had the opportunity to bring in another stylist to work with me- one who is ridiculously talented and amazing in her own rite (Hi Mary!!), and my favorite apprentice makeup artist- incredibly talented as well- who sadly, is leaving me for another COUNTRY!! (come back soon Kaleigh!) I made the decision to join Nerium International, and have never looked back. I have taken classes on new color lines, introduced new techniques into my business, written directly from my heart in this blog- and enjoyed every minute. I have some exciting plans for 2015 and look forward to all of you being a part of it! Thank you for joining me on this journey, for trusting me with your hair and makeup, but most of all- thank you for trusting me with being a part of your life. You have let me create what you see in the mirror, as you have poured your heart out to me, and often, I poured my heart out to you. We have cried together, laughed together, and grown beyond the typical “client relationship.” You have been a part of this journey, and I love each and every one of you (ok, most of you….) for it.

  IMG_0018       IMG_0019    IMG_0017

 IMG_0014    IMG_0010     IMG_0024     IMG_0012

 IMG_0011     IMG_0008     IMG_0015     IMG_0023

 IMG_0016  IMG_0022    IMG_0021


Here is to a beautiful 2015 –

Much love- 


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