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What Your Stylist Really Thinks

So- do you REALLY want to know what your stylist thinks?

In the hair world- I have learned over time- that people are people are people. We will encounter all different types- and each of those types of people are valid, needed personality types (well, most personalities 😉 ). We come to understand the nature of people when you work on 6-8 clients a day, for 10 hour days, for years and years on end. There are certain types of people, and based on our consultation with them- we can almost ALWAYS classify them. That being said, I have always approached my clients with an open mind, making a mental note to not pre-judge, and I always try to fully understand my clients desires- from what they are wanting to spend, how they are wanting to maintain, what they are willing to do with styling, to problem areas that they have experienced in the past with other styles they have had. That is why we ask you SO many questions. We aren’t confused, we aren’t new, we are thorough. I want to know if you come in the salon with a picture of a bleach blonde style, and a high maintenance cut- if you are willing to maintain that color, and understand the financial obligations of it.

That being said- as a stylist- I knew that I wanted the best of the best. I didn’t want to just attend hair school, and go off into the world to do hair- because between you and me- when you leave hair school, you truly have NO CLUE. I went on to work in a high end salon, with HIGH standards. I interned for a year with this salon, I worked on my off days on clients that followed me from Hair school. I attended classes every Monday to continue my education. After I was no longer an intern, I attended education my salon offered, hair shows- which included specialized classes, classes at other salons that were offered, and I PAID to be educated by some amazing stylists that charge upwards of $500 for haircuts. Yes. You read that right- $500. Don’t be shocked- we don’t just take some scissors and start hacking at hair. There is Geometry and Chemistry in what we do. Yes, I can grab a tube of color, slap it on your head, and pray- but that ISN’T what I do. I look at your hair- I look at your eyes- I look at your skin tone, I give you my opinion on what I believe is the best choice for you. I explain facial structure, and why I think a certain length is best- this comes from my continuing education- NOT from Hair School. I did everything I could do, to be the best stylist I could be. I also continued to educate myself in product- researching, watching tutorials, attending classes, using the product- because when you come and sit in my chair- I want to give you the best I have to offer. THAT is the art of Hair, and it is a truly beautiful, life-changing art.

I say all of this to explain something- When you come to me, and we have a consultation, and I work on your hair- and then you leave, and choose to buy Pantene, after you have just spent your hard earned money on being professionally colored- I am amazed. Truly amazed. You honestly get what you pay for. It is the root of frustration for stylists. Many clients aren’t happy with their hair- but they refuse to take care of it. They refuse to buy the products that will take care of that color. They would rather choose to literally use JUNK on their hair. It is often an issue of finances- but my response will always be- if you aren’t happy with something, you change it- end of story. You do something about it. I am the expert in this field (with said client)- and I am telling you that you need to use color safe shampoo- not something over the counter that says “color safe,”- because they do NOT charge enough money, to use the ingredients that are truly color safe for your hair. I promise you- you will continue to be dissatisfied with your color, if you continue to choose this path.
It is this never ending cycle with the same people over and over. We see it time and time again with clients. I see it time and time again with people who AREN’T clients- but ask me for my expertise. I may know them, and I may think- this is truly a waste of my time- because I know you will not do what I say- but as I stated- I try to approach every person with an open mind- and time and time again- the people who are dissatisfied with their hair, choose the same decisions that lead to that dissatisfaction. What is the definition of insanity again?

It goes not just with product choices- but with your choice of stylist as well. You go to a stylist who charges x amount of dollars for a haircut- and you are blown away- but can you even COMPREHEND the amount of education that goes into that? It’s worth every penny. Some people get it- some people don’t. The people who get it, and appreciate and love us- are the ones that remind us continually why we do what we do.. .the people who don’t, well- they spawn blog posts like this! (ha!)

Let’s take it a step further. I made the choice to be a brand partner for Nerium. Many of you know this. I try to be very respectful of posting things about it- but- if you are not happy with your skin care- why do you continue to use it? I don’t care if it’s Nerium, or something else- but let me explain- you will not get the anti-aging benefits that you are looking for, if you run over to Walmart and pick up some $12 anti-aging cream. I get it- truly- finances are an issue- but lets ALL be real. We can all afford whatever it is that is a priority to us. Well, perhaps not all of us- but many of us- and certainly many of the people that I come in contact with. You cannot complain to me that your skin is aging, and then refuse to listen to me. I am a brand partner with Nerium because it is truly the BEST out there to offer. I share because I love the product- not because of the financial side of it. If I got into doing things for finances- I would have never pursued hair- because there are certain days, believe me, dealing with some of the people you come in contact just isn’t worth the money. I got into hair because I LOVE hair, I want to make people feel beautiful. I got into Nerium, because for the first time, I truly saw a solution to skin issues- with more science behind it than I have EVER seen.

So… you want a change, you are tired of your hair looking dull, you hate your cut, your skin has dark spots, or acne…. then by all means, let me help you- but please, don’t expect to have the same color I offer if you are buying box color. Don’t expect to have the same skin I have if you are using something from Walmart, and don’t expect me to have compassion, if I know your spending habits- and your priorities aren’t where they should be.  This is what a stylist really thinks. This is what EVERY stylist really thinks. We may sugar coat it, but we are frustrated with your complaints, when you won’t really take the advice being offered.

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